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Egg is one of our favourite superfoods because its right up there in terms of the protein content. One whole egg can give you up to 6g of protein. That's a great breakfast option because it sets you up for a high-energy start to the day. But if you’re vegetarian, or if you like to have different options at breakfast time, then here are three great alternatives which give you as much protein as an egg.

1. Peanut Butter
8-10g protein / serving
1 serving (32g) = 2 tbsp, enough to cover two slices of bread

This one is #1 on our list for many reasons. Peanut butter is a great pick if you’re vegetarian and need a good protein addition at breakfast. Be careful to pick the right kind of peanut butter though. A natural peanut butter, which has mainly peanuts as its ingredients, will give you between
8-10g of protein per serving.

Natural peanut butter is low in carbohydrates so it’s good for low-carb diets such as Keto. It has fibre, keeps you fuller for longer and prevents your blood sugar from spiking so is a good option for people with sugar sensitivities.

As a breakfast option it’s quite versatile. You can have some with toast, add two spoons to your oats, drizzle it on fruit or add it to your milkshake. It’s true that peanuts are high in fat, but it’s the good kind of fat which is healthy for your heart and helps to reduce cholesterol.

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2. Almond butter
8g protein / serving
1 serving (32g) = 2 tbsp, enough to cover two slices of bread

Don’t like peanut butter? Try almond butter instead. With 8g of protein, almond butter is a great breakfast addition. Almonds have unsaturated fats which are heart healthy, fibre which keeps you  feeling satiated, and vitamin E which helps build your immunity in the long run.

A natural almond butter is gluten free, vegan, perfect for Keto and other low-carb diets as well as being super delicious. Look for one which has mainly almonds in the ingredients list, and which doesn’t add sugar or oils. Almonds tend to be high calorie nuts so moderate how much you eat everyday if you’re looking to lose weight.  

3. Chickpea (safed chana)
8g protein / half cup (83gm boiled)

This Indian staple is actually a protein powerhouse. It's great cooked in an Indian recipe for lunch or dinner but can also add to your salads or evening snacks in a boiled, chatpata form. If you want to try adding it to breakfast, simple homemade Hummus recipes are aplenty and they make for a delicious and versatile spread on toast. Top this with some Chilli flakes, yummers.

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