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Skipping peanut butter in summers is a mistake. Here's why.

When you’re so active, your body depletes energy faster which therefore needs to be replenished more in the summers. We drink more liquids and eat seasonal fruits without realising that we’re missing out on the essential energy that protein gives us. Here's a few reasons why protein is important in summers and some easy recipes to get more of it into your daily meals.

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My Indian take on Meal Planning to Eat Better

Diets ask you to stop eating what you love or cut back. We hate them. Meal planning helps you visualise and commit to what you're planning to eat. This forces you to make healthier choices and then stick to them. Try this for a week and see how much easier, and healthier eating becomes.

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5 Easy Ways to Kickstart Healthy Eating

We all want to eat better. But it’s a hard thing to do. It takes commitment and discipline, and for most of us food is such a passionate topic, that avoiding certain foods seems like a very harsh punishment to bear. Everyone that’s getting fitter focuses on the same key changes in order to kickstart the health journey – avoiding sugar, avoiding too many carbs (rice, potatoes and pasta), drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. The psychology of doing this is way harder to overcome though. So here’s 5 tips we’ve put together that really work. These are a mix of behaviours you need to develop and healthier alternatives to incorporate. Bookmark this blog for reference and start...

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