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Afters - Nutty Cashew Healthy Dessert Bite (Pack of 7)

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Your search for a healthy dessert ends here. Eat one Nutty Cashew Afters for your post-meal dessert and enjoy a healthy bite of indulgence. With only two ingredients - cashews and dates, this single bite is so filling that your cravings will be satisfied with just one.

Highlights: High protein (3.5g/bite), Source of Iron, Naturally vegan, No preservatives

Ingredients: 50% Cashews, 50% Dates

Quantity: 7 bites X 30gm per bite = 210gms

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
sandeep Kumar
Superb Taste & Healthy Bites !!

Really liked new bites. Your team work and passion about healthy food is evident in the taste, packaging and branding. Wish you very best .

Mahesh Kulkarni
Classic alternative to Mithai & Chocolates

This is not only a classic alternative to traditional mithai & chocolates but also a treat for dry fruit lovers!

Yayy, thank you Mahesh. It's the one bite craving killer!

Jasmine Sohal
Not tasty

Might be healthy bt not the taste i was looking for...i had one didnt enjoyed it...basically gave rest to everyone else...and they didnt eat it as one ever asked for a its a no for me... nd turned out to be a waste of money for sorry im writing what it is..

So sorry to hear that Jasmine. We also have a dark chocolate one and are coming up with new flavours. Hopefully these might be more to your liking :)

Rajeev Talwar

A bite is really a good dessert!

Yayy, thank you Rajeev. A one bite craving killer, indeed.

Get the other one

The nut & date combination makes this variant sweet, without the moreishness of dark chocolate to want to you to go back for seconds.

Hey Sumit, the Afters Dark Chocolate is super healthy so going back for the second wouldn't harm but if you prefer the Nutty Cashew, we would dance to that too :)