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Chilli Chutney Peanut Butter (Mildly Spicy, Savoury), High Protein, Sugar-Free

₹ 280

No Added Oil

No Added Sugar

No Preservatives

High Protein

Your savoury breakfasts are now sorted. The Chilli Chutney Peanut Butter is a 100% natural blend of peanuts and Indian spices, that gives you a flavour note so delectable that you'll want to add it to everything you eat.

With 8g of protein in every 32g serving, the Chilli Chutney beats most other peanut butters out there. Top your poha, parathas, dosas and toasts whenever you feel like you need that peanut-y yumness. Not to mention the extra protein you'll get at every meal.

Highlights: High Protein, Vegan, Gluten Free, Keto friendly, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Zero Cholesterol, No Oil, No Preservatives

Shelf life: 12 months from manufacturing date

Quantity: 290gm

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Ingredients: Java Peanuts (97%), Natural Spices (Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Chilli), Salt

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Gourav sinha

Not spicy at all

Thank you for your feedback, Gourav. We'll definitely share your feedback with our product development team. We had kept it mildly spicy.

Eggs on toast with this is mind blowing

The chilli chutney is mildly spicy and goes so well with my eggs on toast breakfast. Just the perfect protein overload :). I'm addicted.

Ankush Wadhwa

Chilli Chutney Peanut Butter, 8g protein/serving

Rahul Bhagchandani

Chilli Chutney Peanut Butter, 8g protein/serving

Aniket Mishra

Great 👍❤️

Thank you Aniket!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to eat chilli peanut butter?

You can have the Chilli Chutney Peanut Butter with just about anything, especially Indian breakfasts! Use it like chutney on your dosa, add it to your poha, eat it with eggs on toast or in sandwiches, roll it in paranthas, or peanut sauces. Visit our blog for some great recipe ideas.

What are the spices used in this?

Natural desi spices like the ones you use in your kitchen - Garlic, Onion, Ginger and Chilli.

Why do you call this natural peanut butter?

It has 100% natural ingredients, like the kind you keep in your kitchen - peanuts, spices & some table salt. There's no added oil, preservatives or anything chemical in here at all.

How spicy is this peanut butter?

It's mildly spicy which means you won't be reaching for water as soon as you've had it. We've kept the spice level so moderate that even novice spice eaters enjoy this immensely.

Can kids have this?

Yes, definitely. It's mildly spiced (more aromatic than chilli) and our 3-year old daughter enjoys it. But we would avoid this for young babies or infants. We recommend starting with small portions to see your child's tolerance for spice and then increase as you like.

Is this peanut butter vegan?

Yes, it is vegan and fits in really well with other vegan breakfast choices like veggie sandwiches, poha, dosa and besan chila.