Happy Jars High Protein Dark Chocolate Almond Butter 1kg jar
All natural ingredients in HappyJars dark chocolate almond butter 1kg jar
The Chocolate Spread is Healthy & Delicious - Dark Chocolate Almond Butter 1kg jar
Happy Jars High Protein Dark Chocolate Almond Butter - 80% Almonds
74% less sugar than Nutella - Dark Chocolate Almond Butter
Protein Rich dark chocolate almond butter - Perfect for milkshakes, dessert toppings or on toasts

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter (1kg), 7g protein/serving

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This is our best one yet! More than 80% of every jar is Almonds which makes this a healthy nut butter, and not a chocolate spread. But the delicious notes of dark chocolate don't go amiss on a connoisseur's palate. Spread this delightful almond butter on your morning toast, slug some in your high protein shake or just simply indulge in a spoonful (or two). We'll see you back for more before you know it.

Highlights: 74% less sugar than your favourite chocolate spread, 80% Almonds, Dairy Free, No Oil, Low Sugar, No Preservatives

Ingredients: 80% Almonds, Dark Chocolate, Jaggery

Dark Chocolate Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifiers INS322 (i), INS476, Nature Identical Flavouring Substances

Shelf life: 12 months from manufacturing date

Quantity: 1kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sumandeep Singh Chahal
Great taste

The taste is exceptional considering its an almond butter. Have been using in my muscle gain diet since past 6 months. Great product 👍

Yayy! Thank you Sumandeep :)


It's super healthy and goes super well with Overnight oats, milkshakes and smoothies, It has the perfect nutty taste.

Yayy, Thank you Raksha :)

Abhishek Sanga

It's amazing combo of flavor and nutrition. Now the condition is I only eat Happy jars peanut butter only

Yayy, thank you Abhishek. Your review got us dancing :)

urvash khanna
A must have staple for a house with kids

I have been a costumer from the very beginning of the brand. I always thought the peanut butter they make is a superb product.
My expectations were surpassed by the brand when they launched the almond butters. My baby girl of just 14 months absolutely loves the chocolate almond butter and I don’t mind giving her a spoon of it everyday coz it’s all natural and a healthy snack. I only hope that more brands can learn from the good work Vikram and Surabhi are doing.

Thank you so much Urvash! We're delighted and honoured. Our little one loves the dark chocolate almond too :) We would only make what we eat ourselves. Love from ours, to yours.

Garima Bhambhani

its definitely amazing,,but since i order in almost every 15 days.i should have a permanent discount privelge

Thanks for the love Garima :) and you know you do :)