Happy Jars Unsweetened Almond & Cashew Butter Keto Pack 530gms Combo Jars
All natural ingredients in Happy Jars Keto pack unsweetened almond & cashew butter combo
The Perfect Morning Shakes & The Creamiest Nut Butter - Keto Pack

Keto Pack - Almond and Cashew Butter Combo (2 * 265g each)

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It's a big commitment being on Keto, and we know you're hunting for tasty but clean-food options. This Almond and Cashew Butter combo will help you add some delicious-ness to your meals. With nothing but pure nuts in each jar, the combo gives you 100% natural goodness with no added oils, sugars or preservatives. Almond butter is said to be the best nut butter for Keto because of it's nutrition density but lower carb-profile. This isn't indulgence - you need these to help you Keto better.

Customer Reviews

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Vinayak Mohite
Taste excellent

I love the taste although it is sugar free and Raw. Cashew is smooth but almond is bit crunchy.

Thank you Vinayak :)

Kannan J

Good taste

Yay, thank you Kannan!

Chezereen Williams
Unsweetened 100% almond butter

Great taste. So creamy. Besides being a great snack on bread, I use it for my baby food too.

Yayy, thank you Chezereen. Our love to the little one :)

Shuba Sreeram
Loved it!

I use it for my 10 month old and he seems to like the taste too 🙂

Yayy, thank you Shuba!
So glad to hear that :)

Cashew & Almond Butter

Finger lickin good, have been consuming it for my healthy sweet cravings..

Yayyy, thank you Shveta! It's healthy so binge-away :)