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Good Food Makes Us Happy

Here you can see Vikram and Surabhi (the co-founders) smiling and enjoying a moment over food.

When you’re working to get fit and healthy, you fall out of love with food. You judge every bite in calories, succumbing to crazy diets. And you definitely stop eating all the things you love. Right?

We've all been there.

We tried that, and failed. Many times. We love food too much. If you ask us to diet, we’ll cry into our pillows every night. But that doesn't mean we're unfit. We just changed our relationship with food. Fixed the negative cycle forever. And we're on a mission to help everyone we know do that too.

We started Happy Jars in our kitchen.

Like you, our kitchen has healthy, natural and filled with good-for-you food. Things you can pick up and eat without worrying about your weight, or your choices. We don’t keep chemicals or preservatives (duh!).

In 2016, we combined these clean ingredients in our kitchen to create some simple recipes. Wholesome and filling. And absolutely delicious!

Why was it soo important?

Vikram was always an obsessive clean-eater – his first love is horse riding, and that needs a crazy level of fitness. Riding 2 horses in the morning and working out in the evening demands that your body be well nourished with the right kind of protein. And Vikram's way has always been to eat 'natural' as far as possible.

He’s super dedicated to eating healthy. That’s why Happy Jars recipes are unquestionably healthy too. We still create all our recipes in our kitchen. Not in a lab.

Our kitchen got bigger.

As more of our products started selling across India, we grew our kitchen. We still make all of our products in-house. It means our batches are smaller, fresher and we control the quality of our ingredients like a fussy parent does when they go grocery shopping.

We choose with our hearts.

We are fussy parents by the way, to an adorable 4-year old who you’ll see featured on our social pages once in a while.

Our obsession with buying the best things possible for our family stretches to our business as well. Happy Jars recipes use organic jaggery, real vegan dark chocolate (not yucky compounds or pastes), and a grade of nuts that are grown (and priced) for the export market.

But we wouldn’t compromise for our home, and we will not compromise for yours.

We vow to always love food.

Love creating it, tasting it and sharing it with the people we love. Our favourite spot in our home is our dining table and our best memories are with the close friends and family that share a meal with us.

We eat what we love, and we’ve taught ourselves to make good, conscious choices.

And so should you.

Happy Jars promises to make delicious food healthy. When you eat our products, you’ll know you’re eating right. You don’t have to question yourself, or feel guilty. You’ll want to eat them every day (because they’re so, so, yum) and you should (because they’re so, so nutritious).

We’ve obsessed over the nutrition, the clean ingredients and the macros, so that you don’t have to.

So go on, eat food that makes you happy.

Try Happy Jars, the hype is real.