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Food Values

A Happy Promise

At Happy Jars we promise to provide you with the best quality of food. We are obsessed with buying the best quality of ingredients for our products, and we like to keep it simple.

Our recipes use natural, real food ingredients like the kind you would find in your own home kitchen. These are often double the cost of others available in the market, but they are better and healthier.

As a health-conscious family, you always choose the best for your loved ones, and you should expect nothing less from the brand you trust.

A Clean Label Brand

Every recipe at Happy Jars uses between 1 to 5 great quality, minimally processed ingredients. Each of these is a powerhouse of nutrition. That's what makes us a Clean Label food brand.

Natural and minimally processed food tastes like the ingredients it's made from. When you taste Happy Jars Jaggery peanut butter, you taste the peanuts first. The roasted flavour and the mellow sweetness of organic jaggery are noticeable and fresh. When you taste a classic peanut butter with palm oil and added sugar, you taste the sugar first.

We believe food should be made with real food ingredients. Not a chemical composition of nutrients made in a lab. The best nutrition for your body is what comes from natural, real food. Your body doesn't need chemicals, preservatives or palm oil to function better, so why should you be eating them?

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List of Ingredients

100% Java Peanuts

Organic Jaggery

Californian Almonds



Dates from the UAE

Vegan Dark Chocolate

Branded Spices

Garlic & Ginger Powder


Real Cranberries

Real Blueberries

Natural Orange Oil

Natural Lemon Oil

Natural Coffee Extract

Natural Paan Oil