Social Impact at Happy Jars

We are delighted to announce that Rs. 2 from the proceed of each jar sold in the Happy Jars for Kids range goes towards caring for vulnerable children at the Rainbow Foundation India.

Rainbow Homes

What is Rainbow Foundation India?

Rainbow Foundation India (RFI) is an Indian NGO working under the umbrella of the Rainbow Homes Program. They aim to reach out, impact and mainstream children who have faced extreme vulnerabilities. 

These are the children who have been abandoned, have run away from violent and abusive situations, grown up in violence, are victims of sexual, physical and mental abuse or are children of sex workers and manual scavengers.

The Rainbow Homes Program (RHP) rescues these children from a life of uncertainty, helplessness, and impending criminalisation. RHP aims to enable these children to live a dignified & independent life with a job, housing and social network. They provide them with safe shelter, food and nutrition, education, healthcare and protection so they have a chance at a happy future. 

The Rainbow Homes Footprint

Since 2002, RHP has reached out to over 12,000 street children. The program is currently extending care to nearly 5,601 children and young adults by running 70 residential homes, Rainbow community child care centres and Futures group living hotels across 10 cities of India - Anantapur, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Patna, Pune and Ranchi.

How you can help

As a caring and contributing citizen, you can help impact the lives of vulnerable children by helping with the following:

  • Purchasing a jar from the Happy Jars for Kids range. Rs. 2 from the proceed of each jar sold in this range goes towards caring for vulnerable children at Rainbow Foundations India.
  • Visiting and volunteering with Rainbow Homes (girls home), Sneh Ghars (boys home), and Rainbow community child care centres present in your city. 
  • Donating (monetary or non-monetary) help for children’s comprehensive care through this link

    How to contact RFI

    You can reach Rainbow Foundation India through their following social media handles or if you prefer to speak to them in person you can call +91 949170718.
    Facebook Instagram Twitter 

    For any further details on the program or this partnership please write to us at and we'll be happy to help.