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Always Eat

Food That Makes You Happy

When you eat Happy Jars, you know you’re eating right. Our products are made with natural, clean, simple ingredients that are rich in protein and low on sugar. But most importantly, they're absolutely delicious!

So come fall in love with healthy eating.

100% Pure Almond Butter

Bored of eating soaked badaams every morning? Skip that completely and eat a spoonful of this pure almond butter instead.

India's #1 Brand of Almond Butter!

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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

The Dark Chocolate peanut butter is like a dream come true. First off, it has 83% less sugar than your favourite chocolate spread! It's crazy but it's true.

India's First Ever

Jaggery Peanut Butter

Happy Jars was the first brand ever to use Jaggery instead of sugar to make peanut butter. It has a tempered sweetness & once you taste it, you'll never forget it.

We Live by our

Clean Label Promise

Every recipe at Happy Jars uses between 1 to 5 great quality, minimally processed ingredients. Each of these is a powerhouse of nutrition. That's what makes us a Clean Label food brand.

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