Happy Jars High Protein Unsweetened Almond Butter 1kg jar
All natural ingredients in HappyJars high protein unsweetened almond butter 1kg jar
The Perfect Morning Shake - Unsweetened Almond Butter 1kg jar
100% Natural Happy Jars Protein Rich Unsweetened Almond Butter
100% Natural, 100% Almonds HappyJars Unsweetened Protein Rich Almond Butter
Protein Rich unsweetened almond butter - Perfect with smoothie bowls, fruits

Unsweetened Almond Butter (1kg), 5g protein/serving

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The Unsweetened Almond Butter is our interpretation of what great almond butter should be. Skip the effort of soaking almonds overnight and eat a spoonful of this 100% roasted Californian almonds nut butter instead. Almonds are high in protein, contain antioxidants from Vitamin E and have the nutrition of Magnesium to promote heart health. It's the favourite snack of superheroes, figuratively speaking of course.

Highlights: High protein    |    Vegan    |    Gluten Free    |    Keto friendly    |    Sugar Free    |    Dairy Free    |    No Oil    |    No Preservatives

Ingredients: 100% Almonds

Shelf life: 12 months from manufacturing date

Quantity: 1kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rupal Garg

It’s safe to say that I’m a patron and I’ve lost count on the number of bottles I’ve consumed

Woot woot! Thank you. Your review made us do a happy dance, Rupal :)

Abid Ali
Superb quality

Loved it. Healthy and delicious

Thank you Abid :)

Sanchit Singh

Unsweetened Almond Butter (1kg), 5g protein/serving

Lovely homegrown almond butter

Happy Jars All Natural Almond Butter is a delightful, healthy spread. We had occasionally splurged on one of the imported spreads, but found that they were very liquid and oily at our local temperatures. Happy Jars is a lovely, thick spread with a delicious almond flavour.

Woohoo, thank you :)

Shiv Kapoor

Unsweetened Almond Butter (1kg), 5g protein/serving