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General Enquries

What do you mean by 'NATURAL' nut butters?

Happy Jars Natural nut butters use 100% natural ingredients - the kind you can eat directly. Our nut butters are made using nuts, jaggery, dark chocolate and salt. There are no added oils, hydrogenated fats, preservatives or chemicals at all.

Does the oil on top of my jar mean it's spoiled?

Oil separation is actually a good thing and is proof that you are eating a natural product. It occurs because there are no added chemicals and emulsifiers to keep the oil mixed into the nut butter. Don't throw that oil away - mix it back into the nut butter so you maintain that creamy consistency. 

Do your nut butters have dairy in them?

Not at all. Happy Jars products are dairy free and vegan. They are called nut butters because many people use them as a healthier alternative to regular butter.

Nut butters are fattening, right?

Nuts have good fats present in them naturally - the kind of fats our bodies need for strength and well being. Happy Jars products have zero hydrogenated fats and oils (unnecessary fats). There are a host of health benefits of nut butters and they are great pre and post-workout snacks.

Can I eat Happy Jars if I'm Diabetic?

The unsweetened peanut, almond and cashew butters are made with just pure nuts with no sweetness added. Those are usually considered safe to eat for people avoiding sugar. However please re-confirm with your medical practitioner before consuming the nut butters.

Why is the nut butter so sticky?

You may find Happy Jars sticking to your mouth more than other store-bought brands and that's because we don't add any oils or hydrogenated fats. This leaves the nut blend a little sticky - it's like eating a mouthful of nuts. Bliss.

Can I get a bigger jar?

We have most of our nut butters in 1kg jars, which you can find here. If you would like to order a larger quantity or make a bulk purchase, please contact us at or call us at +91 99805 55088.

What if I'm allergic to peanuts?

Oh no! In that case, please don't eat peanut butter although we'd love for you to buy a jar for someone else and wistfully watch as they devour it :). Just kidding. You could try our almond and cashew butters though, which are also nutrient-dense and delicious.

Do you deliver across India?

Yes we do! If you facing any issues ordering from us, please reach out over email at or call on +91 9980555088

Shipping & Delivery

Where are your nut butters made?

All our products are made in our own manufacturing kitchen in Delhi - that's where the magic happens. Having our own manufacturing gives us the ability to follow our unique production process and deliver the best quality products each time, guaranteed.

Do your jars contain BPA (Bisphenol A)?

No, all of our jars are BPA-free, made with virgin plastic and they are 100% recyclable.

Do you deliver across India?

Yes we do! If you facing any issues ordering from us, please reach out over email at or call on +91 9980555088

My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

Ugh, so sorry to hear that! Send our team an email at and we’ll make sure you’re all taken care of!

How long will it take to ship my order?

We totally understand the Pre-Parcel Anxiety once you have placed your order, which is why we aim to get our orders delivered as soon as possible!

Once we've received your order, it is usually dispatched within 24 hours. Orders received between Saturday - Sunday are dispatched the following Monday.

We are based in New Delhi and all Delhi-NCR orders take 2-3 days for dispatch and delivery. For the rest of India, the estimated delivery period will be 5-7 days.

Do you have the option to buy on 'cash on delivery'?

Yes, we do have COD available for all online orders at an extra shipping charge of ₹ 70/- per order. We get these charges from the courier partner for processing COD orders back to us as payment.


Are these glass jars or plastic?

Our jars are are BPA-free, made with virgin plastic and they are 100% recyclable. After finishing the jar, simply wash the jar and use it to store spices, coffee, etc.

When is the best time to consume Happy Jars Nut butters?

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How are your Nut Butters different?

When we started, we just could not find a natural nut butter without added sugar, preservatives and hydrogenated oil. We decided to make one on our own in our kitchen and came across a stellar recipe which is still being used. We make nut butters without oil and preservatives, more often than not we avoid using sugar instead we use jaggery.

What's the shelf-life of your products?

We have a shelf-life of 12 months for nut butters and 9 months for Afters Dessert Bites. If you are surprised, we were equally surprised when the lab results came back. We created a process which is unlike anyone in India, retaining the integrity of the nuts while keeping the flavours in-tack which makes them extra delicious.

What's the shell-life once the jar is opened?

We recommend finishing the jar in 2 months once opened.

Do I need to refrigerate after opening the jar?

We had the product tested at room temperature and it was absolutely fine. You can refrigerate them if you like, make sure you keep it out until it comes to room temperature and then consume.

Do you use Dark Chocolate or Compound?

We use real, vegan, dark chocolate that has cocoa and some sugar, no milk or milk solids. We don’t use compounds because they are made with vegetable oils and fats. They're cheaper, but they're not good for your body.

Are all your products Gluten-Free?

Coincidently, all our products are Gluten-free which includes our nut butters and Afters dessert bites.