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Sprouted Moong Dal Chilla Mix - High Protein, Ready to Cook (Pack of 2)

₹ 360
Pack of 2

High Fibre

No Preservatives

High Protein

Gluten Free

Great offers on all happy jars peanut butters and high protein productsCan you believe something can be basic and complex at the same time? 

This Chilla mix is so much more than a simple moong dal Chilla once you have tried it. The main ingredient here is Moong Dal but your palette will be left surprised with the subtle flavours of green chilli, coriander, nutmeg and ajwain.

This mix will make your morning a whole lot more fruitful and power packed. Save time and make a healthy home-cooked breakfast in just 5 minutes. We know we'll be competing with hundreds of you who are phenomenal home chefs and have been making Chilla every morning for the longest time. We hope you enjoy this one.

Each pack makes 7-10 Chillas. This is a 2-pack combo.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Enjoys a shelf-life of 9 months.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Ingredients: Sprouted Dal (60%) (Moong, Lobhia, Masoor, Kulthi, Chickpea), Besan, Rice, Beetroot Powder (5%), Seasoning & Spices

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Deepti Madan

Sprouted Moong Dal Chilla Mix - High Protein, Ready to Cook (Pack of 2)

Aparna Rakshit
Mong dal chilla

Really helpful product for kids and easy to cook 🤗

Yayy! Thank you Aparna. So glad we made your mornings hassle free :)

so easy and delicious

The moong dal chilla mix makes a light, crispy chilla so easily and quickly! It's a nice alternative to besan chilla and a perfect accompaniment to any sabzi.

Wohoo! Thank you Frances. Happy to hear your review. It's healthy and delicious <3

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dals do you use in this?

85% of the contents of this mix is sprouted moong dal, one of the best natural sources of protein for a vegetarian Indian diet.

What is the Benefit of Sprouting?

Traditionally chilla is made after dals have been sprouted overnight and then ground. Using raw, unsprouted dals can cause gas and bloating, and do not allow for the best absorption of protein in the body. Sprouting is important to release the optimum nutrition from the dal and for the body to be able to digest it easily.

Can I store the Moong Dal Chilla batter in the refrigerator?

We would recommend using the batter soon after making it. Leaving it in the fridge will lead to a thicker batter and further dryer chilla. If you have batter left over, take the necessary steps like packing it in an air tight container. Do not consume after 2 days in the fridge as chances of it growing mold are likely.

How many chillas can we make with a 200g pack of this chilla mix?

You can make approximately 7-10 medium sized chillas using 200g chilla mix. Make sure to read the cooking instructions as we have given the precise quantity of water to be used.

Can we eat this Moong Dal Chilla daily?

Most definitely you can consumer these besan chilla on a daily basis, as the main ingredient is besan or gram flour that comes with many health benefits. To name a few Besan is packed with high protein and high fibre content, this flour is made from ground chickpeas and can keep you full for extended periods.

How to store Moong Dal chilla mix after opening the pack?

You can simply zip the packet and store it in the fridge. Once opened, we recommend to consume within 2 weeks.