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Hi Folks,

If you are what you eat, you really do want to be al-mind 😉 sorry about that pun.

For real though, nuts especially almonds are a great source of protein and minerals, enough to keep you on a healthy track away from heart diseases, diabetes and even cholesterol problems. Nuts do have significant fat content, but their good fats may be what makes them so deliciously versatile!

Here’s what changed -

I personally found it easier to consume almond butter than whole nuts because they could be paired with some of my favourite dishes. I was able to add almond butter to my breakfast toast, post-workout shakes, and share apples & almond with my daughter too.

Switching to almond milk became fun and didn’t feel like a task at all.

Since I actually ate the required amount of almonds, I felt more energetic than ever and had no guilt indulging in desserts either.

7 days are still too short to tell you about visible changes but it was an exciting week and I will continue with it. I’d like to share more about the concerns I had around eating too little or too many almonds, how to eat soaked almonds, how to use them in food and everything else.

Why should you eat almonds daily?

Almonds or almond butter, both have a similar impact on your health. Assuming you choose the healthy almond butter with no preservatives or sugar. While we believe the biggest reason to eat almond butter is how delicious and protein-rich it is, here are some more reasons that'll make almonds a staple part of your diet.

  1. The perfect snack for an afternoon slump - You know that feeling when you try to work but things slow down and you can't do even the simplest tasks. Well, almonds give you energy, fill you up and will taste so delicious. If you roast them with some spices, they beat chips and unhealthy snacks any day. I'd often switch raw almonds with almond butter on toast and it's just the best way to eat almonds!
  2. Almonds are full of nutrients - every single almond is filled with fibre, fat, protein, manganese, and magnesium. Almonds also contain phytic acid which is a healthy antioxidant. Overall a small handful of nuts packs heaps of health.
  3. Vitamin E - almonds are loaded with vitamin E which is present in high quantities even in almond butter (if processed naturally without preservatives). Our body needs Vitamin E to maintain healthy skin, hair and a good immune system.
  4. Almonds help control blood sugar - since almonds are low in carbs, they are especially good for anyone suffering from diabetes, cholesterol etc. In fact, maintaining low blood sugar can be an effective prevention technique as well.
  5. They can help with calorie deficit - being low in carbs, sugar, full of antioxidants and good fats, almonds are calorie-dense. This makes them a perfect addition to your diet. I've often used almond butter as a topping for cereal, smoothie, or oatmeal bowls

Are there any side effects of eating too many almonds? 😞

Everything is good in moderation. Even though almonds are great for your health, eating too many of them can cause problems for your body. It may even take you away from your health goal instead of towards it.

Even for almond butter, recommended serving is about 2 tbsp which is more than enough to be used as a dessert topping, on toast, or even shakes.

Here's what happens if you overeat almonds or almond butter -

  1. Digestion issues💨 - This is due to the high fibre content of almonds. While your body does need fibre, it can't suddenly adjust to a higher level of consumption. This is what results in bloating and constipation.
  2. Overdose of Vitamin E - of course, vitamin E is great for your body but you only need to consume 15mg of it. A large handful or 100g of nuts contains 25mg of vitamins which is too much and can't be digested properly. This can lead to blurred vision, diarrhoea, and weakness.
  3. Kidney stones - high levels of calcium oxalates in our food cause kidney stones. Surprisingly, it is through nuts that our body absorbs the most amount of calcium oxalates. However, it only happens if you eat too many in one go on multiple days.
  4. Toxicity ☣️ - yep, almonds can be toxic too if you eat too many of them. They contain hydrocyanic acid, large quantities of it can lead to nervous breakdowns, breathing problems and it's especially forbidden for pregnant women.

These side effects shouldn't scare you, it's just important to know that anything, when over-consumed, can be harmful to us. So when it comes to deciding how many almonds to eat per day you have to be careful.

Eating the right amount and at the right time of the day may seem meaningless but has the biggest impact.


What are the different ways to eat almonds?

Firstly, let's talk about the different forms of almonds available to us - Almond flour, green almond, almond butter, almond milk, and of course whole nuts be it roasted, soaked or plain. All these forms are great for a healthy, vegan or lactose intolerant diet. While all these forms of almonds have their own benefit and use, you have one crucial responsibility that is to select good quality products.

Let's break down the recipes and benefits of each almond product -

  1. Whole Almonds - we don't need to explain to you the goodness of almonds. You can soak them overnight, roast them, add spices, dip them in chocolate and just eat anytime.

  2. Green Almonds - they're green because they're picked before the shell is formed. These almonds are a true delicacy with a fresh, grassy flavour and a jelly-like texture, perfect for pickling with vinegar and salt. Wondering what these look and taste like
  3. Almond Butter - it's creamy, chocolaty, nutty, and delicious! At Happy Jars, we make our almond butter with no sugar or preservatives, all the flavour is from natural unadulterated dark chocolate and nuts. Almond butter is super versatile, we've created so many recipes and ways you can incorporate it into your diet.

  4. Almond Milk - it can be extracted from whole soaked almonds or made in a jiffy with some good quality almond butter. Almond milk blends in so well into your diet, this lactose-free milk will give you all the necessary proteins and minerals with barely any carbs. Here’s a quick hack to make Almond Milk with Almond Butter – click here

    Use it in your shakes, smoothies, coffee, cream substitute in soups, or even as it is. The nutty flavour undertones can really elevate a dish.

Besides these main product types, almonds are available in abundance, especially in the dessert section. Indulge in almond flakes, red white dark and milk chocolates, cakes, danish and so many other dishes.

However, the easiest and healthiest ways to eat them are at home, you can bake something, blend something, spread it on toast or top it on ice cream, waffles or pancakes!


We've talked heaps about the decadent indulgence that is our almonds and almond butter, now let's focus on the actual portions of almonds you should eat and the best time to eat almonds

What happens if you eat 4 almonds a day?

Having 2-4 almonds daily can be great for weight loss, add them into your salad or eat as it is. Almonds fill you up, making you crave sweets or savoury snacks less and giving you ample vitamin E and protein.

Are too many almonds bad for you?

YES! too many almonds can have a severe impact on your health. In the short term, you may feel indigestion but eating too many almonds every day for a long time can cause serious breathing problems, kidney stones and even blurred vision.

Can I eat 30 almonds a day?

30 almonds are on the higher end of the scale. Unless you're using 30 almonds to process it into a cake, milk or any large product it's best to keep yourself up to 23 almonds a day max!

Keep in mind that if your goal is to lose weight 30 or even 23 almonds could be too much and you must consult a dietician before incorporating such large quantities of nuts into your diet.

How many almonds to eat per day?

23 whole almonds. That is the magic number recommended Dietary Guidelines for Americans. You may also wonder how many soaked almonds to eat a day?

6-8 almonds would be enough soaked or plain. If you're on a weight loss journey, more almonds mean more calories and so the calorie deficit may be difficult to execute.

What is the right time to eat almonds?

Almonds can be eaten as snacks, desserts or even on the side with your meal but here are some of the most rewarding times to eat almonds.

  1. Workout recovery - eating 6-8 almonds after a tiring workout can help your muscles and energy levels recover much faster. Soaked almonds, protein shakes with almond milk or butter can be kept handy post-workout.
  2. Morning energy dose - if you wake up feeling too meh in the morning, make it a little fun with soaked almonds, almond butter or plain whole nuts to get energised and use a tasty treat. You can add almond butter to your morning cereal or smoothies as well!
  3. Too busy to eat - if you're on time crunch in the morning and can't make it to breakfast, be sure to keep some almonds in your bag, eat a few. You will have enough energy and concentration for the morning meeting!
  4. Add it to salads - most of us think salads are boring and tasteless, but when you make them right, they're the perfect side or main dish. They reduce the craving for junk, give you the necessary nutrients, are light on the stomach, and most of all the varied textures upon adding almond flakes or roasted almonds to a salad make them FUN too!

Is it OK to eat raw almonds?

Yes, it is perfectly good to eat raw almonds. You can experiment with soups, cookies and cakes as well to explore the culinary extent of almonds, trust us, almonds are more versatile than you think.

What happens when you eat overnight soaked almonds every day?

There's a reason why our mothers and grandmothers always kept overnight soaked almonds ready for us every morning.  

Removing the skin will help you get the best from your almonds like improved brain function, better hair and skin, and of course energy. Now that is how you eat soaked almonds!

How long should almonds be soaked?

Ideally, overnight soaking is the best, it also makes peeling the almonds a lot easier.

What is the best time to eat soaked almonds?

Early morning is the best time to eat soaked almonds as it helps you start the day with a bang that is a lot of energy, protein, and nutrients. However, don't beat yourself up about following the right timings and forms of almonds.

In the beginning, adding them to your diet in any form and eating at any time is good, start slow and grow steadily.



Vikram Sekhar, Co-Founder @ Happy Jars - 9980555088


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