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Almond Berries High Protein Chocolate Spread for Kids

₹ 489
₹ 480

High Protein

No Added Oil

Real Fruits

No Preservatives

Great offers on all happy jars peanut butters and high protein productsIt is heaven in a spoon and we say this as adults, so imagine how crazy the kids will get for this!

Almost 60% of every jar is Almonds which makes this a much healthier option to other sugary chocolate spreads. It has half the sugar of commercial chocolate spreads! Unbelievable!

We've used real white chocolate, the taste of which reminds us of the days we used to stuff our faces with wafer biscuits. Yum! The cranberries and blueberries will leave your little ones wanting more and more.

Slather this delightful chocolate spread on their morning toast for breakfast, slug some in their shakes or just simply let them indulge in a spoonful (or three).

  • 2x less sugar than commercial chocolate spreads
  • 2x more protein than commercial chocolate spreads and jams
  • Made with Real Berries
  • Great source of calcium, fiber and Vitamin C
  • No Preservatives

Social ImpactWe are delighted to announce that Rs. 2 from the proceed of each jar sold in the Happy Jars for Kids range goes towards caring for vulnerable children at the Rainbow Foundation India.

Shelf life: 12 months from manufacturing date. (Please note that this product is on a special discount and has 4-8 months of shelf life remaining)

Quantity: 265gm


Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Ingredients: Almonds (58%), White Chocolate (23%) (Sugar, Milk Solids, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifiers INS322 (i), INS476, Nature Identical (Vanillin) flavouring substances), Cranberries (14%), Blueberries (5%)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chandraprabha B

Almond Berries High Protein Chocolate Spread for Kids


This ones fab - my little one is too picky but devours this spread and I love it too

Wohoo! Thank you Anita. Glad your little one liked it . Try our Millet Banana Choco Chip Pancake without Maida. It's absolutely delicious and oh-so yummy <3

My 4 year old daughter loved it

She loves playing hide and seek with the berries and eating them.

Yayy! Thank you Indira. Sending lots of love to the baby girl :)

Shelly Gupta

My kiddos love the taste of it. Too yummy and healthy

Wowiee, glad to hear that Shellly :)

Hema Sharma
So yumm and healthy

So yumm and healthy. My son liked it so much

Thank you Hema! Our love to the little one :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this better than other chocolate spread?

Three main reasons: 1. It's 60% less sugar than your favourite chocolate spread but it tastes delicious! Who'd say no to a healthier Nutella? 2. 70% peanuts makes this high in protein. In fact, it's as much protein as a regular sweetened peanut butter from the leading brand in the market, but it tastes delicious. 3. It's so delicious that you'll want to have it everyday. Which means you'll be eating protein everyday. Which is a very good thing to do.

What do you mean by real fruit?

We use real fruits and in this chocolate spread we use dried Blueberries and Cranberries. This spread is slightly grainy due to the almonds and berries mixed together. We would recommend starting your child on solids for a few months, before introducing this one to them as it has visible bits on cranberries and blueberries.

How often can I give this to my child?

Depending on your child's age, you should look at their protein intake and moderate the daily intake. We recommend a serving size of 32grams which is equal to two tablespoons.

Where are your chocolate spreads made?

All our products are made in our own manufacturing kitchen in Delhi - that's where the magic happens. Having our own manufacturing gives us the ability to follow our unique production process and deliver the best quality products each time, guaranteed.

Is this Almond Butter Vegan?

This chocolate spread has milk solids in the white chocolate which we use. Therefore, this is the only one in our entire range which is not vegan. If you are following a vegan lifestyle, please have a look at our other nut butters -