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Orange Almond High Protein Chocolate Spread for Kids

₹ 449
₹ 440

Real Fruits

High Protein

No Preservatives

Vegan Friendly

Great offers on all happy jars peanut butters and high protein productsStruggling to feed your kids almonds and fighting over the commercial chocolate spreads? This high protein chocolate spread is your answer.

With 72% of every jar being Almonds, this spread is high protein and energy-packed, keeping your little ones fuller for longer. It's 4 times less sugar and so much healthier than commercial chocolate spreads! Mad, we know. 

The delicious vegan chocolate and organic jaggery will satiate their chocolate cravings. Those little chunks of orange in every bite will leave them begging for a second spoon.

Use this spread for a high protein breakfast, tiffin or evening snack. 

  • 4x less sugar than commercial chocolate spreads
  • 3x more protein than commercial chocolate spreads and jams
  • Made with Real Orange
  • Vegan, Plant-based and Dairy Free
  • Great source of calcium, fiber and Vitamin C
  • No Preservatives

Social ImpactWe are delighted to announce that Rs. 2 from the proceed of each jar sold in the Happy Jars for Kids range goes towards caring for vulnerable children at the Rainbow Foundation India.

Shelf life: 12 months from manufacturing date. (Please note that this product is on a special discount and has 4-8 months of shelf life remaining)

Quantity: 265gm

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Ingredients: Almonds (72%), Dark Chocolate (23%) (Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifiers INS322 (i), INS476, Nature Identical Flavouring Substances), Organic Jaggery (3%), Orange Fruit (freeze dried) (2%), A dash of Orange Oil

Customer Reviews

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Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Amazing taste

Hi ordered Orange and Banana chocolate spread, it's amazing and tasty. More than kids, we adults are enjoying this flavor.

Woohoo, thank you Ramesh. We have some fans here at Happy Jars too that swear the same :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this better than other chocolate spread?

Three main reasons:
1. It's 4 times less sugar than your favourite chocolate spread which makes this healthier! Who'd say no to a healthier Nutella?
2. 72% Almonds makes this high in protein. In fact, it's as much protein as a regular sweetened peanut butter from the leading brand in the market, but it tastes delicious. 3. It's so delicious that you'll want to have it everyday. Which means you'll be eating protein everyday. Which is a very good thing to do.

Do you use Dark Chocolate or Compound?

We use real, vegan, dark chocolate that has cocoa and some sugar, no milk or milk solids. We don’t use compounds because they are made with vegetable oils and fats. They're cheaper, but they're not good for your body.

What do you mean by real fruit?

We use real fruits and in this chocolate spread we use freeze dried Orange powder which gives you the nutrition and taste notes real orange, it's absolutely delicious. This spread is smooth in consistency which makes it easy to spread on toast, drizzle on fruits or if you want to eat, straight off the spoon (we won't stop you).

Do I need to refrigerate these jars after buying?

We have had our chocolate spreads tested at 37 degrees to check for taste and texture changes, the results stated our chocolate spreads are absolutely fine for 12 months. We recommend you keep your spread away from direct sunlight and if you would like, you can go ahead and keep it in the fridge after opening the jar.

Where are your chocolate spreads made?

All our products are made in our own manufacturing kitchen in Delhi - that's where the magic happens. Having our own manufacturing gives us the ability to follow our unique production process and deliver the best quality products each time, guaranteed.